Hunter Shows
Saturday, May 30

Judge: Ashley Dowler

Early Entries close Wednesday, May 27

Saturday, June 20

Judge: Shelby Frieszell

Early Entries close Wednesday, June 17

Class List - Show starts at 9am

  1. Ground Poles Under Saddle

  2. Ground Poles Over Fences

  3. Ground Poles OF

  4. Ground Poles Equitation

  5. Ground Poles Eq OF

  6. Ground Poles Eq OF

  7. Warm Up (crossrails)

  8. Crossrails Under Saddle

  9. Crossrails OF

  10. Crossrails OF

  11. Crossrails Equitation

  12. Crossrails Eq OF

  13. Crossrails Eq OF

  14. Warm Up (18")

  15. Green Horse Under Saddle

  16. Green Horse OF

  17. Green Horse OF

  18. Green Equitation

  19. Green Eq OF

  20. Green Eq OF

  21. Warm Up (2' - 2'3")

  22. Green Jumper (2')

  23. Beginner Horse Under Saddle

  24. Beginner Horse OF

  25. Beginner Horse OF

  26. Beginner Equitation

  27. Beginner Eq OF

  28. Beginner Eq OF

  29. Beginner Jumper (2'3")

  30. Warm Up (2'6"-2'9")

  31. Intermediate Horse Under Saddle

  32. Intermediate Horse OF

  33. Intermediate Horse OF

  34. Intermediate Jumper (2'6"-2'9")

Entry Fees: $12 per class pre-entry; $15 per class day-of.

Warm-Up Classes: $10

Office Fee: $15 per horse/rider combination

Stabling: Not available at this show (May 30) due to COVID-19 precautions

Refunds available if requested prior to May 30)

Make checks payable to:

Serenity Valley Farm, LLC

Additional warm up classes are added beyond normal DLSC class list. Please note changes to Class Numbers!

Helmets MUST be worn at all times (and fastened) when mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Jumper classes will run per table IIB - clear rounds will immediately (upon audible signal from the judge) complete a jump off round.

Ribbons: 1st - 6th all non-warm up classes.

Division Champion & Reserve Champion awarded with minimum of 4 riders qualified (must enter all 3 classes).

All horses on grounds must present a negative Coggins (within 12 months). Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the grounds and forfeiting all fees paid.

No Dogs Please.



Use the entry form linked below to email, snail mail or physically drop off your entry before Friday, May 29. 


Optionally, enter online using Blue Horse Entries online entry system.  If you have submitted an entry through Blue Horse Entries in the past, just update your information and you are ready to begin your entry. If you are new to Blue Horse Entries, you will first need to create a rider account. If you are a parent/guardian for a rider under 18, you will need to create an account for yourself, and add your rider to your account. It's fast and simple! If you need any assistance submitting online entry, email

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