SVF Horse Shows & COVID-19

updated: July 13

We have been monitoring several different government and sport agencies throughout the pandemic response to formulate a plan.  We have continually weighed our situation against the recommendations from each of those entities in our decision to hold our horse shows.


At this point in time, we are moving forward and WILL hold the shows. We reserve the right to change that decision at any time if the situation and information changes. 


However, we cannot ignore our responsibility to our participant, volunteers, staff, and boarders.  As a result, the following changes and procedures will be instituted for our shows.  We ask that all who participate/attend please follow these rules and recommendations to the best of your ability for the sake of everyone's safety.

  • Advanced Entries Requested

In an effort to supply everyone with a more precise time of competition, allowing those who wish to "come, ride, leave" in addition to following social distancing guidelines for events like ours, we are requesting and HIGHLY encourage pre-entries.  With at least initial entries in advance, we will be publishing a tentative time schedule per division/class.  Changes as well as any class additions to pre-entries will be allowed at the show.

There are 4 ways you can submit your entry:

  • via email to

  • via snail mail to the farm

  • physically dropping off at the farm

  • entering via Blue Horse Entries.  This is a fully online system where riders can create their profiles, upload coggins for each horse, and submitting entries to this and other shows directly.  Please see the show page and/or Facebook for a direct link to our listing on Blue Horse.

Payment can be via PayPal (to or paper check for options 1-3.  Blue Horse Entry system uses credit cards to process payments.

DO NOT FORGET to include your negative Coggins for your entry to be complete.

Fully complete entries (payment and Coggins included) should also allow for shorter lines and limited face-time with our wondeful secretary.

Refund policy:  Entries scratched prior to Closing Date will receive a full refund of all entry fees (minus Grounds/Office fee).  Entries scratched after Closing Date will only receive a refund if the spot can be filled from a wait list.  Competition Cancellation: no refund.

  • Barn/Stabling/Water/Secretary Access

To keep our boarders safe, we will be restricting all access to both barns.

  • We will NOT be offering stabling for any show participants.

  • Water will only be accessed via outdoor spigots.  There are 3: the wash rack on the north side of the new barn, in the pasture fence line between the warm up and competition arenas, and at the fence line near the west side of the house.

  • There will be a water tank in the parking field.

  • Secretary will be located at the doorway of the new barn on the South side.

  • Social distancing recommendations

While social distancing is a given when ON a horse, everyone on the grounds is encouraged to respect the current social distancing recommendations from the State of Ohio and Montgomery County. These guidelines are bound to change, but as of now recommendations include:

  • Physical distance of at least 6' from anyone outside your immediate normal interactions.

  • Limiting the presence of those not directly involved in the activity (consider leaving behind excess spectators and non-participants).

  • Face masks should be worn when physical distancing is not possible.

We will have spray disinfectant and hand sanitizer available at several locations, including the portapotty and secretary's table.  However, we encourage you to bring your own.

  • IF YOU ARE OR HAVE BEEN ILL IN THE 2 WEEKS IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE SHOW, DO NOT COME!  Additionally if anyone in your immediate living situation has been or is ill within the week preceding the show, please do NOT come to the show.

Again, these are guidelines based on current information available and are subject to change.  Please monitor our facebook page, the DLSC facebook page and this website for future announcements and changes.  If we all do what we can and need to, we will not only be able to get through everything but hopefully have a great show as well.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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