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June 20 Show Entries & Time Schedule

Entries are now closed for this show.  No new entries will be accepted (riders already entered may change or add classes at the show).  Please check the PDF below to make sure your entry is correct and note anything listed in the "Other" column.

Tentative Time Schedules for both rings are listed below as well with estimated start times for each division and warm up.  Please note the following:

  • Ground Poles and Crossrails divisions (and #7 Warm Up) are large enough to be split, with riders in both rings for all classes through #13.  Please see the schedule for which ring you will ride in.  Split classes will be awarded class placings and ribbons (and points) individually, but will be combined for Division Champion and Reserve Champion awards.

  • Green and Beginner divisions have a significant number of entries, but not enough to split between 2 rings.  These divisions will only have 1 warm up class - taking place in one of the rings.  The Hunter division will run in one ring and the Equitation division will run in the other ring.  Flat classes should, per the tentative time schedule, run one after the other in their respective rings, then riders will be taken in any order for the corresponding jump classes.  Please work with our warm up stewards to get everyone in and out in a timely manner.

  • Starting with Class #29 Beginner Jumpers, the ring divider will be removed and the remainder of the show will take place in 1 large ring.

Show will start in Ring 1 at 8:30am.  Ring 2 will start at 9am.  Overall start times for divisions regardless of ring:

  • Ground Poles Hunter - 8:30am

  • Ground Poles Equitation - 9:30am

  • Crossrails Hunter - 10:45am

  • Crossrails Equitation - 11:30am

  • Green Hunter - 1:25pm

  • Green Equitation - 1:40pm

  • Green Jumpers - 2:25pm

  • Beginner Hunter - 3:00pm

  • Beginner Equitation - 2:40pm

  • Beginner Jumper - 3:45pm

  • Intermediate Hunter - 4:40pm

  • Intermediate Jumper - 5:20pm


If you have any questions, please ask sooner than later.  Thank you for supporting our show!  We hope you have a fantastic day!

Tentative Time Schedules

Entry Status as of 6/17/20

Ring 2

Ring 1

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